04 Automation Rules

Create an Automation Rule

  • Repeat Rule controls how many time the rule can match a prospect
  • Match Type
    • Match All – “AND” Rule. Must meet all criteria to match
    • Match Any – “OR” Rule.  Only meet one criteria to match
  • Separate criteria with a semicolon (;). Text fields had a 255 character limit
  • Rules are saved in paused mode. Click Resume automation rules to unpause

Automation Rule Criteria

  • Prospect account field
  • Prospect assigned queue / assigned user
  • Prospect assignment status – is assigned to a user or a queue
  • Prospect campaign – pardot campain
  • Prospect CRM campaign /campaign status
  • Prospect default/custom field
  • Prospect Custom redirect – based on a custom redirect click
  • Prospect default field
  • Prospect email opens – based on prospect has opened an email in x days/weeks
  • Prospect email status – Opt In / Do Not Email
  • Prospect file – based on a non-image file download
  • Prospect form – form view or submission. If the form is on a Pardot landing page,use a Pardot page for the rule instead
  • Prospect form handler – form handler submission
  • Prospect grade / score /scoring category
  • Prospect landing page
  • Prospect list
  • Prospect opportunity
  • Prospect opportunity  default/ custom field /status
  • Prospect profile
  • Prospect tag
  • Prospect time  – based on the number of
  • Prospect public list opt-in status
  • Prospect query – search key word
  • Prospect  webinar  – absent, attended, registered. Requires verified webinar connector
  • Visitor Google Analytics Parameter
  • Visitor hostname

Automation Rule Actions

  • Add / Remove prospect to list
  • Add prospect to Salesforce campaing
  • Adjust prospect score
  • Adjust prospect score for scoring category
  • Allow deleted CRM lead or Contact to Recreate from Pardot When a lead or contact id deleted in Salesforce, the corresponding Pardot prospect is flagged to never create in Salesforce. This setting overrides the flag
  • Add / Remove tags
  • Assign Prospect to queue  – does not reassign a prospect
  • Assign Prospect to user – does not reassign a prospect
  • Assign Prospect to user in group – does not reassign a prospect
  • Assign prospect via Salesforce active assignment rule
  • Change profile criteria
  • Set  prospects first touch campaign
  • Change prospect custom / default  field value
  • Create Salesforce task
  • Do not sync with CRM
  • Increment prospect field value – add or subtract for number fields
  •  Mark as reviewed
  • Notify assigned user / a user
  • Send Prospect Email

Automation Rules Examples

Change Prospect Profile

Changes a prospect’s profile to Executive Buyer if the person is in Texas, works at a midsize company ( 100- 250 people), and has the custom field corporate culture score between 8 and 10.
  • Match Type | Match All
  • Prospect default field | State | is | TX
  • Prospect account field | Number of Employees | is between | 100 and 250
  • Prospect custom field | Corporate Culture | is between | 8 and 10
  • Change prospect profile | Executive Buyer

Change Profile


Add Prospect to a List

Add a prospect to the Newsletter Interest list when the person reaches a grade of C+ or better.

  • Match Type | Match All
  • Prospect grade | is greater than | C+
  • Add prospect to list | Newsletter Interest

Add To Newsletter Form


Decrease Prospect Score Bases on Inactivity

Every 30 days, decrease inactive prospects scores by 30 points

  • Match Type | Match All
  • Prospect time | last activity days ago | is greater than | 30
  • Prospect score | is greater than | 0
  • Adjust prospect score | by | –20

Decrease Inactive Prospect Score


Assign a Prospect Based on Form Submission and Location

Assign prospects from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee to Southeast US Reps group when they complete the Demo Request form

  • Match Type | Match All
  • Prospect default field | State | is | GA;AL;TN;FL
  • Prospect form | Demo Request | was completed successfully
  • Assign prospect to user in group | Southeastern US Reps

Southeast Reps