Pardot Consultant Certificate

Pardot Consultant Certificate Exam Overview 

  1. Evaluation: 17% ( 10 Questions )

    1. Given a scenario that includes an assessment of a customer’s current Salesforce and Pardot landscape as well as business objectives, analyze and make recommendations on a path forward.
    2. Design a strategy to identify customer business needs based on marketing trend using currently available tools and methods.
      1. Planning Your Marketing Strategy With Pardot – A Marketers Guide
  2. Account Configuration: 20% ( 12 Questions )

    1. Articulate the implications and importance of technical setup.
    2. Develop a plan to maintain data integrity during data migration.
      1. Your Guide to Easy Data Migration with Marketing Automation (Part 1)
      2. Your Guide to Easy Data Migration with Marketing Automation (Part 2)
      3. Migrating or Merging Pardot Accounts
    3. Given a usage governance plan, develop and recommend a strategy that addresses organization and authorization (or access).
      1. Managing Pardot Business Units
  3. Automating Business Processes: 17% ( 10 Questions )

    1. Given a scenario, recommend the best automation tool(s) (automation rule, segmentation rule, dynamic list, completion action).
      1. Automation Tools
      2. Choosing the Right Automation Tool
      3. How to: Pardot: Use Automation Tools
      4. Automate Marketing Process with Pardot
      5. Automation Rules vs. Completion Actions (3/4)
    2. Given a scenario, design a sequence of events in Pardot to complete a marketing initiative (assets, automations, notifications, etc.).
    3. Given a scenario, develop and implement a lead nurturing strategy.
  4. Email Marketing: 10% ( 6 Questions )

    1. Apply email marketing standards and best practices to customer business needs.
      1. I Want To Build an Effective Email Marketing Strategy
  5. Lead Management: 14% ( 8 Questions )

    1. Given a customer scenario, develop and recommend a lead generation strategy including Pardot assets.
      1. I Want to Generate High-Quality Leads
      2. Lead Nurturing Overivew
      3. The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing
    2. Given a lead qualification threshold, classify prospects appropriately.
      1. The Complete Guide to Automated Lead Scoring and Grading
    3. Given a scenario, recommend a model to route qualified and unqualified leads across the business.
      1. 4 Steps to a Successful Lead Qualification Model
      2. How to Create Meaningful Conversions with Effective Lead Routing
  6. Personalizing the Prospect Experience: 8% ( 5 Questions )

    1. Recommend ways to personalize the prospect experience.
      1. Using Pardot Assets for Personalization
    2. Design a strategy to meet a company’s consent management requirements.
      1. Permission Pass
      2. Email Compliance FAQ
  7. Reporting, Metrics & Analytics: 11% ( 7 Questions )

    1. Recommend the technical set-up requirements for reporting and analytics.
    2. Identifies reporting methods to solve a given scenario.
      1. Report on and Analyze Pardot Data
      2. The Golden Rule of List Management
  8. Salesforce Engage: 3% ( 2 Questions )

    1. Configure Salesforce Engage for sales use
      1. Set Up Salesforce Engage
      2. Salesforce Engage Admin User Setup: A Guide for the Admin User
      3. Salesforce Engage for Admins
    2. Summarize the benefits of Salesforce Engage
      1. Meet Salesforce Engage
      2. Trailhead: Salesforce Engage Basics




Salesforce recommends the following online resources to guide you as you prepare:

Pardot By the Numbers

  • 1 maximum lead sources associated with a Prospect
  • 2% industrial Average Click-Through Rate
  • 10 entry limit for SPF records
  • 10 minutes between Automation runs
  • 24 hours before Google Ad Words Conversion data is populate
  • 29 percent increase in opening when using personalized email
  • 41 percent higher click-through rate using personalized emails
  • 70 percent of companies that don’t use email personalization
  • 84 percent of companies are using or planning to use automation in the next three years

Words of Wisdom

  • Automation Rules
    • Trigger is an action: Completion Actions
    • Once off List: Segmentation Rule
    • Outcome Add To A List: Dynamic List
    • Outcome Action: Automation Rule
  • Landing Pages Trump Forms
    • When its a choice between a Form or a Landing Page – it’s always the Landing Page … except when it isn’t
  • Prospects added back to the engagement studio at the point they left
    • Time away count for any wait times they were on
  • Pause the Program – Pause the Wait
  • Weekends are days too. They count in the wait period

Topics to Look Up

  • Lifecycle Report

Possible Useful Links