02.01.03 What is an Account Model?

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-What-is-an-Account-Model

Household Account Model ( Default )

  • Standard Account object acts as the household
  • Donors are Contacts
  • Opportunities are donations
  • Create a Household Account by creating a contact
  • Salesforce creates a default Account names “[contact last name] Household”

Household Account Supports

  • Contact Management for multiple Household members
  • Address management for things like seasonal addresses
  • Only available in the Household Account Model


  • Cleaner relationships
  • Donations can be related to a Household and Contact(s)

Accounts still support Business Accounts differentiated by Record Type

Contacts should be a member of a Household
Business connections are related to a contact through the Primary Affiliation

1-to-1 Account Model ( Legacy and no longer recommended )

  • Account and Contact are names the same
  • Create households by joining contacts together through a separate Household object
  • Reasons to stick with the 1-to-1 model
    • Salesforce is working effectively and you have a great deal of customization
    • Don’t deal with Households
    • Do not have the resources to dedicate to the project ( staff, time or money )

Individual (“Bucket”) Account Model ( Legacy and no longer recommended )

  • All contacts are associated with a single account
  • Account Name: Individual
  • Contacts are joined together through Household object

Changing My Account Model

  • If you don’t have any contacts yet, you can change the account model and the new account model will apply to all new contacts
  • If you have existing contacts – develop a migration plan before switching over to the household Account model using Salesforce tool