01.05.02 Troubleshoot the Nonprofit Success Pack

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/kA080000000D3GK

Rollups Summary Fields Not Working as Expected


  • Old NPSP Version.
  • Validation Rules.
    • Edit a contact and save. If any Contacts or Accounts fail validation checks, the associated rollups will not be updated
  • Opportunity State
    • Check that the Opportunity Stage has Type= Closed/Won
  • Excluded Record Type
    • Out-of-the-box and User Defined Rollups
      • NPSP Settings > Donations > Donor Statistics
    • Customizable Rollups
      • Check for exclude record types in the filter group applied to the rollup
  • Opportunity Primary Contact
    • The Opportunity Primary Contact should be the same Contact as the Contact Role marked Primary.
    • NPSP Settings > Bulk Data Processes > Refresh Opportunity Primary Contact > Refresh All Opportunity Primary Contacts
  • Timeout Error Saving Customizable Rollups
    • Likely the Save process did complete, but was queued for longer than the page allows.
      • Check Set Up > Deployment Status
      • or Refresh the page


Account isn’t automatically created or I get an error when creating a new Contact


  • Account field is set to required on Contact layout
    • Edit the page layout and uncheck the Required box on the Account Field
    • Use the Contact page that comes with NPSP

Contacts and their donation information data disappears every night

  • Donation history must be entered as separate Opportunity records using the Opportunities related list.
  • Never enter data directly into the following fields:
    Best, First, Last, Number, Soft Credit, Membership or Total. They are recalculate every night

NPSP Data Importer Error: “The matching field you chose (Record ID) is not mapped and is required for Update and Insert operation.

  • NPSP Data import is a two step process. The first step in inserting records into the NPSP Data Import object. Matching isn’t done on is this step, so all matching fields should be set to –None–

My NPSP installation failed with the error “Unmanaged custom object tab already exists”


  • Setup > Quick Find::Tabs > Tabs > User Interface.
  • Delete the tab names in the error
  • Run installer again

Error: “Opportunity Record Types – picklist value, Prospecting not found”


  • Missing one or more default Opportunity States
    • Prospecting, Qualification, Needs Analysis, Value Proposition, Id. Decision Makers, Perception Analysis, Proposal / Price Quote, Negotiation/Review, Closed Won, Closed Lost

Field__Custom_Validation_Exception Batch Apex Error

  • The nightly rollup job is trying to update records but can’t due to validation rules
  • Review the validation rules for Contacts and Accounts.
    • Update the older records to pass the validation rules
    • Edit the validation rules