02.03.04 Things to Know Before Enabling Customizable Rollups

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/kA01E000000PZ4W
  • Customizable Rollups are only available in the Household Account Model
  • Enabling Customizable Rollups makes the following changes:
    • Convert existing NPSP Donor Statistics settings into Customizable Rollups setting
    • Converts existing out-of-the-box and User Defined Rollups to Customizable Rollups
    • Removes
      • NPSP Settings page for User Defined Rollups
      • NPSP Setting page for Donor Statistics
      • Remove and modify existing NPSP Settings options for rollups
        • Defined in new Customizable Rollups
          • Enable Soft Credits
          • Rollup N Day Value ( Donor and GAU )
          • Use Fiscal Year ( Donor and GAU )
        • Defined in a filter group in new Customizable Rollups
          • Soft Credit Roles
          • Record Types and Types excluded¬† from Account Rollups and Contact Rollups
          • Membership Record Type Names
        • NPSP Settings
          • Rollup Batch Size
      • Creates 13 Nightly Batch Jobs, scheduled for 11:00pm and run at staggered times
Test in Sandbox org first.¬† New rollups and filter groups can be moved to Production org by deploying Custom Metadata Types. You can’t use change sets to deploy NPSP out-of-the box rollups to Production