02.10.02 Test Customizable Rollups in your Sandbox

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-Test-Custom-Rollups

Test and validate Customizable Rollups in a sandbox before moving to Production.

Use field history tracking to test and validate Customizable Rollups

Make sure Customizable Rollups are NOT enabled when starting this process

Tack Field History

By enabling field history on the rollup target fields on Accounts, Contracts and General Accounting Units you can identify changes to rollup fields after switching to Customizable Rollups.

  • NPSP Settings > Bulk Data Process and run Rollup Donations Batch and Rollup Allocations Batch jobs
  • Enable Field History on rollup target fields on Contact, Account and GAU objects
  • Add Field History Related Lists to appropriate page layouts
  • NPSP Settings > Donations > Customizable Rollups and enable
  • Rerun NPSP Settings > Bulk Data Processes Rollup Donations Batch and Rollp Allocations Batch jobs
  • Spot check or use a report to look at changes in the field history

Expected Differences

  • Average Gift: Rounding differences
  • Last and First Gift: Legacy rollups use inconsistent logic for determining first and last gifts. With Customizable Rollups, CreatedDate on Opportunity is always used
  • N Day Rollup: Legacy Rollups job last run on a different day to Customizable Rollups job
  • Multicurrency:
    • Legacy Rollups convert everything to corporate currency and back causing inaccuracies
    • Customizable Rollups
      • are more accurate
      • support Advanced Multicurrency with Dated Exchange Rates
  • Contact Roles: Discrepancies in hard credit rollup calculations due to Primary Contact on Opportunity being different that the Primary Opportunity Contact Role