02.03.01 Soft Credit

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-Soft-Credits-Overview

Soft Credit Versus Hard Credit

  • Soft credit is credit for a donation that the contact did not actually make but was a influence in. An employee may get soft credit for a donation by their employer
  • Soft credits are tracked on the Contact record

Soft Credit and Opportunity Contact Roles

  • Opportunity Contact Roles ( OCR ) identifies the roles that contacts had with a Donation ( Opportunity )
  • Out-of-the-box roles are
    • Business User
      • Decision Maker
      • Economic Buyer
      • Economic Decision Maker
      • Evalulator
      • Executive Sponsor
      • Influencer
      • Technical Buyer
      • Other
    • Different layout from document
    • Manage Contact Roles to add Contact Role to Opportunity

Household Member Soft Credits

Everyone in a household receives soft credit for any donation made by someone in that household
Two Requirements

  • Household Soft Credits turned on ( on by default as of NPSP Ver 3.63)
    • NPSP Settings >Contact Role >Section: Household Opportunity Contact Roles
    • From: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-Soft-Credit-and-Matching-Gift-Setup#!#topic-7305
      • Account Object Required Field
        • Matching Gift Administrator Name
        • Matching Gift Amount Max
        • Matching Gift Amount Min
        • Matching Gift Annual Employee Max
        • Matching Gift Comments
        • Matching Gift Company
        • Matching Gift Email
        • Matching Gift Info Updated
        • Matching Gift Phone
        • Matching Gift Percent
        • Matching Gift Request Deadline
      • Contact Object
        • Account Name
        • First Soft Credit Amount
        • First Soft Credit Date
        • Largest Soft Credit Amount
        • Largest Soft Credit Date
        • Last Soft Credit Amount
        • Last Soft Credit Date
        • Number of Soft Credits
        • Number of Soft Credits in Last N Days
        • Number of Soft Credits This Year
        • Number of Soft Credits Last Year
        • Number of Soft Credits Two Years Ago
        • Reports To
      • Opportunity Object
        • Matching Gift
        • Matching Gift Amount
        • Matching Gift Employer
        • Matching Gift Status
      • Relationship Object
        • Related Opportunity Contact Role
          • Default Values: Soft Credit, Solicitor and Tribute
        • Affiliation Object
          • Related Opportunity Contact Role
        • Partial Soft Credit Object must be accessible to all profiels that also have access to Opportunities
      • Specified a contact role for household members ( Household Member Contact Role by default )
    • Can exclude Opportunity Credit Rollups based on Record Type ( For Example: Child Record Type for Contact )

Automated Soft Credits


  • NPSP can create automated soft credits for a Contact when a Contacts is:
    • Member of a Donor’s household
    • Primary Contact on an Organizational Opportunity
    • Honoree or Notifications Contact on an Opportunity
    • Related Contact on a Relationship record with an Individual donor
    • Contact on an Affiliation record with an Organizational donor
  • Matching gifts also automatically assign soft credits
  • Automated Soft Credits are applied in order or precedence

Account Soft Credits

  • Soft Credit for an Account that did not make the donation but were an influence
  • Used when a company outsources their philanthropy

Account Contact Soft Credits

  • Contact Soft Credit at the Account level
  • Customizable Rollups perform duplication of soft credit a soft credit given to multiple family members will only be included once at the account level

A Word About the Nightly Batch…

Soft Credit Rollups are calculated nightly so you won’t see an immediate change