02.04.02 Recurring Donations versus Opportunity (Donation) Payments

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-Recur-v-Opp-Donation-Payments

Recurring Donations are very similar to Opportunity (Donation) Payments but there are some differences in how Salesforce handles them. Some questions can help you choose how to record the donation.

  • Is the donation open-ended?
    • Yes:
      • Must use Recurring Donations. There is an unknown number of payments and fixed end day, so can’t use the standard Salesforce Opportunity with multiple payments
  • Is the donation fixed-length?
    • Depends if the organization uses cash or accrual accounting
      • Cash Accounting:
        Income and Expences are recorded when received or paid out
        Use Fixed Length Recurring Donation.Gives a way to track the date each donation was received
      • Accrual Accounting:
        Income and Expenses are recorded when they occur. Example – record the income when the pledge is made, not when it is received.
        Use Standard Salesforce Opportunity which let you have multiple “child” payments with one close date for the entire opportunity