02.04.01 Recurring Donations – Overview and Setup

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-Recurring-Donations-Overview-and-Setup


Recurring donations track gifts that have be pledged over a period of time

Two Types:

  1. Open Ended – single donation amount repeatedly given with no end date
  2. Fixed Length – single donation given for a fixed time period

Recurring Donations Settings

NPSP Settings > Recurring Donations > Recurring Donations

  • Opportunity Forecast Months: The number of months of open opportunities created for an Open Ended Recurring Donation. Default: 12
  • Recurring Donations Batch Size: Number of records to process at a time when running Recurring Donations Batch. Default: 50
  • Open Opportunity Behavior on Recurring Donation Close:
    • Delete Opportunities
    • Mark Opportunities Closed Lost
    • No Action
  • Maximum Donations: Maximum number of installments for Fixed Length Donations. Default 50
  • Add Campaign to All Opportunities:
    • Selected: Adds campaign to all child opportunities
    • Not Selected: Campaign only appears on the first Opportunity
  • Opportunity Record Type: Recurring donation child opportunity record type

Recurring Donations Batch

Nightly process to create additional opportunities for Recurring Donations.
Recommended to run manually if you change any Recurring Donation settings.
NPSP Settings > Bulk Data Processes > Recurring Donations Batch > Run Batch

Creating Opportunity Stage Picklist Values

NPSP Recurring Donations use two stages to keep track of donations

  • Pledged – Unique to NPSP
  • Closed Lost

If NPSP was manually installed you may have to add the values to the Opportunity State picklist

Recurring Donations and Payment Processor Integration

Be aware that integrated payment processors may be tracking recurring donations separately and may cause duplicate opportunities.

Always use last day of month checkbox sets the Close Date to the last day of the month for Recurring Donations. It takes precedence over the Day of Month picklist