02.01.06 Parent Child Data Skew

Source: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.212.0.draes.meta/draes/draes_object_relationships_parent_child_data_skew.htm

Poor performance is experienced when a large number ( 10,000 or more ) child records are associated with a single parent record.

Three types of data skew:

  1. Account skew – more than 10,000 child records for an account
  2. Ownership skew – large number of records belonging to a single owner
  3. Lookup Skew – large number of records in different objects referencing the same record in another object

Ways to mitigate data skew

  • Don’t assign a role to the skewed owner
  • Put the role at the top of the role hierarch
  • Place the owner in a group that isn’t using shared calculations