01.09.01 Installing Nonprofit Success Pack

This combines of all the topics for the Install and Configure NPSP section


  • Can install NPSP on any “empty” Enterprise Edition
  • Recommended to:
    • start with clean trial version and import data,configurations and licenses
    • Install in Sandbox or Dev Org first

If You Already Have Salesforce, But Don’t Have NPSP

To Install on an existing Salesforce Org

  1.  Visit installer page
  2. Log in to Salesforce and choose destination
    1. Production or Dev Org
    2. Sandbox org
  3. Review installation list and click Install
  4. Follow post-install instructions
    1. Update Opportunity Sales Process, Record Types and Stages
      1. Create additional Opportunity Stages to match the organizations business process
      2. If using Membership feature: Crate a Record Type Membership
      3. If using Payment Scheduling: Create new open Opportunity “Pledged”
    2. Assign New Record Types to Profiles
      1. Assign Household and Organization Record Types to Account
    3. Edit Page Layouts
      1. Add additional publisher actions
      2. Add Addresses related list
    4. Assign Page Layouts
      1. Contact
      2. Account:Household and Organizations
      3. Opportunity: Donation and Membership
    5. Override Lead Conversion Button
    6. Run Health Check

If You Already Have Nonprofit Success Pack

Can I Upgrade to Nonprofit Success Pack?

  • Check for Salesforce.com Foundation or Salesforce.org packages in Installed Packages in Setup
    • Version 1 or 2: You need to upgrade.
      • The NPSP installer will install any missing packages
      • Version 3: Upgrades are automatic

What If I Don’t See Any Packages Published By Salesforce.com Foundation?

You are using a pre-cusor to the NPSP and cannot be upgraded. Recommend to migrate to a fresh instance with NPSP

Prerequisite Knowledge – What You Need To Know Before You Start

  • Salesforce Knowledge
    • Install Apps from Appexchange
    • Create/Delete fields and tabs
    • Adjust picklist values
    • Manage record types
    • Manage sales processes
    • Manage user profiles
    • General troubleshooting
    • Know Your Setup
  • Know the Upgrade Process
  • Get to know Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Make sure your Users know whats coming
  • Sandbox

How Long Should This Take?

15 Minutes actually install time. The rest depends on how complex your org is.
Choose a quite time to upgrade your org – not when Users are active

Install Nonprofit Success Pack in your Sandbox Organization

If you are running NPSP ver 2, must install recurring donations package before running NPSP installer

  • Run NPSP Installer for your sandbox
  • Make a note of any errors and fix them in Production before upgrading
  • Run NPSP Settings > System Tools > Health Check > Run Health Check and fix any identified errors
  • Test NPSP in your Sandbox
  • Check code coverage of unmanaged packages in Production Org. NPSP will not install if there is insufficient code coverage or failing tests
  • Back up Production data
  • Install Recurring Donations Package is running NSPS 2
  • Follow same steps for installing NPSP in Sandbox above

Preform Post-Upgrade Steps

  • Create Record Types and Assign Page Layouts
    • Donation: Donation Received
    • Grant: Grant Received
    • InKind: Goods or Services received as In-Kind
    • Major Gift: Large Donations from a Major Donor
    • Matching Donation: Matching Donation from an Donor’s Employer or other Organization
    • Membership: A membership record type
  • Remove Deprecated Opportunity Fields
    • Fields
      • Current Generators(s)
      • Delivery/Install Status
      • Main Competitors(s)
      • Order Number
      • Tracking Number
    • Before deleting, check if the fields contain data. Transfer any data to a new custom field
  • Reset Your Weekly Data Reports to include new Nonprofit Success Pack objects
  • Update Page Layouts
    • Use new Contact and Opportunity Layouts or customize current layouts
  • Evaluate Processes Affected by Account Record Types
    • Evaluate Validation Rules, Workflows, formula fields and integrations to work with the new NPSP Account Record Types
  • (Optional) Set NPSP as the Default App
  • (Optional) Hide Deprecated Tabs
  • (Optional) Hide Administrative Tabs from Non SysAdmin Users
  • Next Steps

Trouble Shooting common Issues

  • Test Failures
    • Solution:
      Fix failing tests
  • Code Coverage
    • Solution:
      Make sure code coverage is at least 75%
  • Error Upgrading Due to Recurring Donations Visualforce Pages
    • Error text:
      This app can’t be upgraded. Salesforce has blocked this package upgrade because the new package version removes some Apex code that one or more Visualforce pages or global Visualforce components need in order to function. Please contact your partner with this error information. Provide these component names to your partner. Visualforce Pages: Recurring Donations_AddDonationsBTN, RecurringDonationsSettings.
    • Solution:
      Install the Recurring Donations Package before upgrading
  • Error Installing Account Record Types Due to Failing Apex Test
    • Solution:
      Fix failing Apex tests
  • Unmanaged Custom Tab Already Exists
    • Solution:
      Delete the offending tab.
  • Advanced Currency Management
    • NPSP will not install on an org that has Advanced Currency Management enables.
    • Solution:
      Disable ACM before upgrading