01.05.01 Edit or Reschedule NPSP Scheduled Jobs

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View Scheduled Jobs

NSPS has nine default objects-related scheduled jobs and one error processing job that run nightly, updating summary fields

Setup > Quick Find:: Sched > Select Scheduled Jobs

Change Scheduled Jobs User

If the Submitted By user is not active, nightly scheduled jobs will fail. Change the scheduled Jobs User to resolve this.

  1. Delete any Jobs that are still assigned to the inactive user
  2. NPSP Settings > Bulk Data Processes > Batch Process Settings and make sure Don’t Auto Schedule Default NPSP Jobs is NOT selected. Every time the NPSP Setting page is loaded, NPSP checks that all defaults NPSP jobs are scheduled, rescheduling any missing jobs. It will not overwrite scheduled jobs
  3. Check the Scheduled Jobs page to confirm that default jobs have been created with an active user
    1. Run the following Bulk Data Processes
    2. Rollup Donations Batch
    3. Rollup Allocations Batch
    4. Recurring Donations Batch
    5. Leave Assignment Batch

Schedule Or Reschedule Nightly Jobs

To reschedule an existing job you must first delete it first from the Scheduled Jobs list

Setup> Quick Find:: Apex Classes > Apex Classes > Schedule Apex

Check the new job appears in the Scheduled Jobs list

Change a Job Batch Size

If a job is taking too long, increase the batch size in increments of 25 or 50 and access the impact
If a job is hitting governor limits, decrease the batch size

Batch Size setting are located:

  • Recurring Donation Batch: NPSP Settings> Recurring Donations > Recurring Donations
  • Rollup Donations Batches: NPSP Settings>Bulk Data Processes > Batch Process Settings

Some Customizable Rollups jobs contain the term Skew. Skew jobs are used when there are may records related to a single record, which may cause calculations to fail. Skew jobs process these skewed records separately to reduce the risk of failure

Default Batch Job Names and Apex Classes

NPSP 00 – Error Processing runs hourly. The other batch jobsĀ  run nightly.

Skipping the details – but if you really want to know: