02.03.06 Customize Opportunity (Donation) Names

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-Customize-Opportunity-Names

Create a Custom Opportunity Name

NPSP Settings > Donations > Opportunity Names > New Opportunity Name
Allows user to specify an automatic Opportunity name comprised of field values and static text
Donations Opportunity Name
  • Attribution – Multiselect list that specifies weather to apply the Opportunity Name to:
    • Contact Donations
    • Organization Donations
    • Both
  • Opportunity Record Type – which record types
    • Note: “–None–” applies the new nameing to ALL records
  • Opportunity Name Format –
    • — Do Not Remane —
    • {!Contact.Name} {!Amount} {!RecordType.Name} {!CloseDate} {!npsp__Recurring_Donation_Installment_Name__c}
    • {!Account.Name} {!Amount} {!RecordType.Name} {!CloseDate}
    • {!Contact.Name} {!RecordType.Name} {!CloseDate} {!Campaign.Name}
    • other   ( Custom )
      • Selecting a predefined format first, before selecting other, copies that format into the “other” field so you don’t start from scratch
    • Can Include static text
      • {!Contact.Name} from {!Contact.MailingCity} gave {!Amount} on {!CloseDate} thanks to {!Campaign.Name}
    • Empty fields with be left blank in the custom name
  • Date Format
    • yyyy-MM-dd
    • MM/dd/yy
    • MMMM dd,yyyy
    • yyyy
    • other
Naming convention kicks in after the Opportunity is saved

Refresh a Single Opportunity Name

Custom Name Refresh

Custom Opportunity Names only apply to Opportunities going forward. To update the name of a single Opportunity, navigate to that record can click on “Refresh Name” in the Action Menu. If you don’t see the button, add it to the page layout.

Refresh All Opportunity Names

NPSP Settings > Bulk Data Processing > Refresh Opportunity Names

  • Refreshes all Opportunity Names, except those that have the “Do Not Rename” checkbox checked
  • This process is irreversible.
  • Can be scheduled to run automatically