02.01.04 Convert A Lead to a Contact

On the lead page, click the Convert button
Company Field:
  • When a company is specified, the Account and Affiliate Account options are displayed.
  • When the company is “Individual”, Account and Affiliated Accounts aren’t displayed
Contact Options:
  • Create New
  • Merge with Existing.  Exact match on full name, or email
Account Options:
  • Create Household Account
  • Attach to Existing ( Company Account )
  • Create New Account – new organizational account using the Lead’s company
Affiliate Account:
  • None
  • Affiliate with Existing
  • Affiliate with New Account
Normal lead conversion with standard fields mapping to Contact, Account and Opportunity fields.
Can map custom fields by going to Setup>Object Manager>Lead>Fields& Relationships>Map Lead Fields
Lead Custom Field Mapping Best Practices