01.07.01 Keep Up with NPSP and Salesforce Releases

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-Keep-up-with-NPSP-and-Salesforce-Releases

NPSP Releases


Knowing about releases helps you

  • Take advantage of new features
  • Be aware of bug fixes
  • Think about how new features will affect existing customizations
  • Test updates in sandboxes before moving to production

Logistics and Timing


  • NPSP updates are pushed to Production automatically every two weeks.
  • Updates are pushed to Sandboxes one week prior to push to production
  • Admin must enable any bug fixes or new features to give you a chance to test before deployment

Where Can I Find NPSP Release Information?

  • Power of Us Hub
    • NPSP Release Announcements: Broadcast only. Details on Exact timings and issues addressed
    • Nonprofit Success Pack. General NPSP Discussion
  • GitHub Cumulus Releases Page
    • Source code level detailed notes and information about releases, new features and bug fixes

Components of a Release

  • Critical Changes
  • Changes
  • Issues Closed
  • Additional Installation Instructions
    • Push Schedule
    • Latest Release URL
    • Trialforce Template ID for Partners using the Environment Hub.
      Trialforce Templates is a tool for quick access to multiple Salesforce orgs from a central location

How Can I Manually Apply an Update?

Manually install the latest release from the GitHub Cumulus Release Page

Steps To Take With a New Release

  • Review the release notes
  • Test new features in a sandbox
  • Get key users input on how the organization can use new features
  • Check for conflicts between new features and current customizations
  • Check if new features affect the security model
  • Have a communication plan for staff to learn about new features
  • Review new custom fields, objects and code release notes in GitHub
  • Update new fields visibility. New fields by default are not visible to anyone, including Sys Admins
  • Update page layouts to display new fields as appropriate
  • Review custom profiles for access to new Apex classes and Visualforce pages ( npsp_ prefix )

What if a Release Fix or Feature Replicates Customizations in My Org?

  • Best Practice: Disable customizations and us NPSP fix or feature
  • Review the new feature
    • Does the new feature exactly replicate the customization, or are there important differences?
    • Will data need to be migrated to new custom fields or objects?

Salesforce Releases

Salesforce Seasonal Releases


  • Three releases per year ( Winter, Spring, Summer )
  • Salesforce Seasonal Release Blog has release notes, Trailhead modules, preview videos

Salesforce Critical Updates

  • Critical updates are bug fixes, usability and performance improvements.
  • Critical updates Alerts are shown when accessing the Setup menu
  • Have an opt-in period to give time to test before auto-activation date
  • Salesforce analyzes your org and will automatically activate the Critical update if there are not potential customization conflicts

Salesforce Trust Issues

  • trust.salesforce.com gives real-time system performance and security

Salesforce Known Issues

  • Know issues are can be seen on the Salesforce Success Community Known Issues Page