01.01.01 TRAILHEAD: Manage Fundraising for Nonprofits

Module: Salesforce Basics for Nonprofits

Implementation: Start with the big picture
  • What short and long term organizational goals
  • What are the big opportunities
  • What can be improved ( pain points)
  • How can the constituent experience be improved?
Get input from cross section of stakeholders. Executives will have different view to Event Staff
Use bubble diagram to sketch out the major organizational area
Dig into the bubbles to sketch out process flow diagrams for each area to identify interactions and artifacts ( forms, email, reports, etc.)
Map data back to Standard and Custom objects
Get stakeholders on board
Define what success looks like?
How many staff are logging in regularly?
Percentage of staff logging in each month
Are users actively engaged with Salesforce?
  Number of Contact and Account records created in the past 30 days
Frequency of reports being run
Is our donation data being kept up-to-date?
 Number of open Opportunities set to close in the next 90 days with no activities in the past 30 days
Assess timing and budget requirements:
  • Data clean up
  • Employee availability ( vacations )
  • Concidere phased apporach
  • Training and support
Consultants are an option for the heavy lifting (

Module: Donation Management

  • Unit: Create a Contact and Associated Household Account

    • Understand how Cradles to Crayons is using the Nonprofit Success Pack for fundraising.
    • Create a new contact and associated Household account in Salesforce.
      • Leave the Account Blank to automatically create a new Household Account associated with  contact
      • Use Manage Household to:
        • Designate household primary contact ( email and mailing address )
        • Override:
          • automatic household name
          • Formal Greeting
          • Informal Greeting
    • Create a second contact and create a relationship between contacts.
      • Use the Relationship Viewer to see connections between contacts
  • Unit: Edit Household and Contact Information

    • Describe how Household names and addresses work in the Nonprofit Success Pack.
    • Change a Household address.
      • Best practice to use Manage Household page to change an address. However, you can also change a Household address from any Contact in the Household (as long as that Contact doesn’t have the Override Household Address checkbox selected). When you update the address on a Contact record and click Save, NPSP propagates the address change to the Household and all other Contacts in the Household.
    • Override the default address for a Contact.
      • Use the address override checkbox to allow a contact to have a different address than the household.
    • Customize Household names and greetings.
      • Household: Under NPSP Settings > Households
        • Select predefined formats or custom
      • Format Greetings
        • NPSP Settings > People > Households
      •  New formats only applies to contacts created after the change
      • Go to Bulk Data Process >Refresh Household Names  and click on Refresh Household Names to apply to all contacst
  • Unit: Create an Organization Account and Affiliations

    • Describe the purpose of Organization Accounts, Affiliations, and Primary Affiliations.
      • Organizations are businesses/organizations as opposed to household
      • Affiliations are connections between a contact and an organization
      • Primary Affiliation (usually current employer ) Only one Primary affiliation per contact.
    • Explain the difference between a relationship and an affiliation in the NPSP.
      • Relationship links Contact to Contact
      • Affiliaton links Contact to Account
    • Create an Organization Account and an Affiliation.
  • Unit: Create and Manage Donations

    • Describe how the Nonprofit Success Pack uses Opportunities to track donations.
      • Donation/Gift/Grant = Salesforce Opportunity Object
        • Donation
        • Grant
        • In-Kind Gift
        • Major Gift
        • Matching Donation
        • Membership
      • Gift Types
        • Individual
        • Household / Organization ( Account )
        • Recurring
          • Open ended or fixed length
          • Frequency (monthly / yearly)
          • Start and End Date
        • Soft Credit
          • A donation that someone did not actually make, but are credited as being an influence on the donation
          • Example: Employer matching gift
    • Create a donation from an individual.
      • Required Fields
        • Opportunity Name ( automatically filled in )
        • Close Date ( default to today )
        • Stage
      • Enter Posted as the Stage ( it’s equivalent to Opportunity Closed /Won )
    • Create a donation from an organization.
      • Required Field
        • Opportunity Name
        • Account Name
        • Close Date
        • State
    • Describe how donation “rollups” work in Salesforce.
      • Opportunity Rollups calculate totals from all related records
      • Donation Information: Quick overview
      • Donation Totals:
      • Rollups on Contacts include Soft Credits
  • Unit: Create Payments and Recurring Donations

    • Explain the difference between a payment and a recurring donation in the Nonprofit Success Pack.
      • Payment lets you define installments for a single donation
      • Recurring Donations are multiple donations over a period of time ( or indefinite )
    • Create payments (Related Field On Opportunity )
      • Default Max 12 Payments – can up updated on NPSP Settings Page
        • First Payment Date
        • Interval
        • Payment Method
      • Write off Payments to cancel a scheduled payment
      • If the doner discontinues payments all together
        • Edit the opportunity to update new final total
        • Write off all remaining payments
        • Change stage to Posted
    • Create recurring donations.
      • Opened Ended ( no end date )
      • Fixed length
      • Usefull NPSP Settings
        • Opportunity Forecast Month: how many months to use to calculate potential future donatios
        • Open Opportuniyt Behavior on Reoccuring Donation closed
          • Delete Open Opportunities
          • Mark Closed Lost
          • No Action
        • Add Campaign to All Open Opportunities else it will only add the Campaign to the first Opportunity
        • Opportunity Record type ( for recurring donations )
* Understand how Cradles to Crayons is using the Nonprofit Success Pack for fundraising.
* Create a new contact and associated Household account in Salesforce.
* Create a second contact and create a relationship between contacts.