02. NSPS Settings and Administration

  1. Given a set of requirements, use NPSP Settings for people (Leads, Contacts, and Accounts) management defaults.
    1. TRAILHEAD: Fundraise with Nonprofit Success Pack
    2. TRAILHEAD: Administer Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
    3. What is an Account Model?
    4. Convert a Lead to a Contact
    5. How to create an opportunity automaticall when coverting a lead to an contanct
    6. Parent-Child Data Skew
  2. Given a set of requirements, use NPSP Settings to set up and troubleshoot Relationships.
    1. Nonprofit Success Pack and Translation 
    2. Manage Relationships Settings
  3. Given a set of requirements, use the NPSP Settings to set up donation (Opportunity) management defaults.
    1. Soft Credits Overview
    2. What Happens When I Delete an Account?
    3. Individual Donor Management with Salesforce + NPSP
    4. Things to Know Before Enabling Customizable Rollups
    5. Manage Multiple-Payment Donations
    6. Customize Opportunity (Donation) Names
  4. Given a user requirement to track on-going (more than one) donations in Salesforce, use the NPSP Settings to enable recurring giving functionality that meets the requirements.
    1. Recurring Donations – Overview and Setup (article)
    2. Recurring Donations versus Opportunity (Donation) Payments (article)
    3. Create Custom Installment Periods for Recurring Donations (article)
  5. Given an error message through NPSP, determine whether it is an NPSP issue and appropriate next steps.
    1. Edit or Reschedule NPSP Scheduled Jobs (article)
    2. Troubleshoot the Nonprofit Success Pack (article)
  6. Given a requirement to ensure system cleanliness, run the Health Check tool and implement recommended changes.
    1. Common Health Check Errors (article)
    2. Data Hygiene Schedule and Actions for New Admins (article)
  7. Explain the differences between the NPSP release schedule and the Salesforce release schedule, including considerations for declarative and custom development during the deployment stage of an implementation.
    1. Keep up with NPSP and Salesforce Releases (article)
    2. Clone Compact Layouts to Preserve Your Changes (NPSP) (article)
  8. Given a requirement to manage multiple addresses for a nonprofit constituent, be able to define the Address Management functionality and configure the standard state and country picklists functionality to work with the Address, Contact, and Account objects.
    1. State and Country Picklists for NPSP (article)
    2. Address Management Overview (article)
  9. Install and configure NPSP according to best practices in an existing Salesforce org.
    1. Install Nonprofit Success Pack (article)
    2. Nonprofit Success Pack Upgrade Guide (document)
    3. Nonprofit Success Pack Post-Install Checklist (article)
  10. Create or modify customizable rollups using best practices for a Salesforce org with NPSP 3.0 installed and on the latest version.
    1. Edit or Reschedule NPSP Scheduled Jobs (article)
    2. Test Customizable Rollups in your Sandbox
    3. Create Customizable Rollups