NPSP How-To Series: Manage Multiple-Payments in NPSP (1:55)


  • Payments allow you to split a donation commitment over a fixed period of time and track and future payment

Create the New Opportunity (Donation)

  • Set Close Date to:
    • the last payment date so it will appear as the last gift date on the contact
    • or the date the gift was committed
  • Set the Stage to Pledged

New Donation

After saving the Opportunity, select Schedule Payments from the Payments related list on the new opportunity

Scehdule Payments

Set up the:

  • # of Payments
  • Interval
  • Payment Method

Press the Calculate Payments Button to generate a list of payments

Calculate Payments


Assuming that the donor has given their first payment, set the Payment Date and check the Paid checkbox for the first entry. Click Create Payments

Create Payments