01.01.01 Automated Soft Credits

Source: https://powerofus.force.com/articles/Resource/NPSP-Automated-Soft-Credits

NPSP can create soft credits for a Contact when the Contact is a:

  • Member of a donor’s Household
  • Primary Contact on an Organizational Opportunity
  • Honoree or Notifications Contact on an Opportunity
  • Related Contact on a Relationship record with an Individual donor
  • Contact on a Affiliation record with an Organizational donor

Soft Credit can also be assigned automatically for Matching Gifts

Soft Credit Rules have an order of precedence to avoid duplicating the soft credit.

Enable Automated Household Members Soft Credits

Household members receive soft credit for donations made by any other Household members.

To enable automated Household Member soft credit:

  • NPSP Settings > Donations > Contact Roles > Edit
  • Under Household Opportunity Contact Roles, select Household Contact Roles On
  • In Household Member Contact Role select the Contact Role for automatic soft crediting
  • (Optional) In Household OCR Exclude Record Types, select Record Types to exclude. For example if there is a different Record Type for children so they don’ get credited for donation by their parent

Create Automated Soft Credits for the Primary Contact on and Organizational Gift

Create an Automated Soft Credits for Relationships

Crate Automated Soft Credits for Affiliations

Calculate Soft Credit Totals