03. Nonprofit Cloud Implementation Strategies & Best Practices

  1. Given a scenario, determine how to facilitate a successful Nonprofit Cloud consulting engagement (plan, gather requirements, design, build, test, and document).
    1. Nonprofit Success Pack Page Layouts (article)
    2. NPSP and Person Accounts (article) Must Read
    3. Great missions deserve great technology (Salesforce.org site)
    4. Keep up with NPSP and Salesforce Releases (article)
    5. Salesforce Products (website)
    6. Salesforce Industries (website)
    7. Nonprofit Success Pack Trial
  2. Given customer background information, gather requirements, create user stories, and develop business processes into system requirements.
    1. TRAILHEAD: Manage Volunteers for Nonprofits
    2. Create and Manage In-Kind Gifts (article)
    3. Acknowledge Donations by Email (article)
    4. Batch Data Import Enhancements. . . (blog)
    5. NPSP Administrator’s Guide to Importing Donor Data (article)
    6. Pardot Form Handlers (article)
    7. Create and Manage Grants (article)
    8. Create and Manage Memberships (article)
    9. Create and Manage Engagement Plans (article)
    10. Create and Manage Levels (article)
  3. Given customer requirements, design a solution based on best practices for governance.
    1. TRAILHEAD: Governance Basics
    2. TRAILHEAD: Organizational Alignment (V2MOM)
    3. TRAILHEAD: Application Lifecycle and Development Models
    4. TRAILHEAD: Apex Triggers
    5. TRAILHEAD: Drucker School – Organizational Change Leadership
    6. TRAILHEAD: Prepare for Salesforce Releases
    7. Effortless Governance. . .Center of Excellence (video)
    8. Ask an Architect: Governance, Huh? (article)
  4. Given a simple set of business requirements, determine the appropriate account model for a nonprofit customer.
    1. Convert to the Nonprofit Success Pack Household Account Model (document)
    2. What is an Account Model? (article)
    3. Add and Manage Organization Accounts
    4. Nonprofit Success Pack Entity Relationship Diagram
  5. Given a planned solution, create a test environment plan with specific environments.
    1. Sandbox Types and Template (article)
    2. Sandbox Setup Considerations (article)
    3. Environment Hub (Partner Community site)
    4. Sandbox Management Best Practices (article)
  6. Given a solution scenario, determine what deployment tools and strategy would be used.
    1. Deploy a Custom Apex Class in the TDTM Framework for NPSP (article)
    2. NPSP Public Data Dictionary (community-generated spreadsheet)
    3. When was a field added to NPSP — what version
    4. NPSP and Person Accounts (article)
    5. Convert to the Nonprofit Success Pack Household Account Model (document)
    6. Upgrade to Nonprofit Success Pack from a Previous Version of NPSP (article)
    7. Choose Your Tools for Developing and Deploying Changes (article)
    8. TRAILHEAD: Power Up with AppExchange
    9. TRAILHEAD: Understand What Application Lifecycle Management Is
    10. TRAILHEAD: Craft Your Release Strategy
    11. Outbound Change Set Validation Errors (article)
    12. Components Available in Change Sets (article)