06. Nonprofit Cloud Analytics ( 6% )

  1. Given a business requirement to create a report that shows donors who previously donated money but have not yet this year, identify the best way to approach that.
    1. TRAILHEAD: Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience
    2. Nonprofit Success Pack Reports Workbook (document)
  2. Given a set of desired metrics (including roles, levels, account data model), determine the appropriate report, dashboard, or reporting snapshot solution
    1. Manage Opportunity (Donation) Rollups (article)
    2. NPSP Relationship Entity Diagram (document)
    3. Quick Start: Reports and Dashboards (article)
    4. Create and Manage Memberships (article)
    5. An Introduction to Categorizing Contacts. . . (article)
    6. Choose the Correct Address for Your Mailing Label Report (article)
    7. Nonprofit Success Pack Reports Workbook (document)
    8. Add Campaign Members from Standard and Custom Reports (article)
    9. Chart Types (article)
  3. Given a scenario that involves reporting on year over year giving at a point in time, determine the correct way to achieve that (with a reporting snapshot)
    1. Report on Historical Data with Reporting Snapshots (article)
    2. International Nonprofits FAQ
    3. Track Fundraising Goals Using Campaigns