Module: Analytics Basics

Unit: Start Exploring Analytics

Describe What Salesforce Analytics Is

  • Analytics brings your company data from different locations together to answer key questions
  • Opens access to powerful data insights through point-and-click interface
  • Create aggregated views of your disparate data ( Salesforce or external)
  • Explorations are designed to help better understand your business and make data driver decisions

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Unit: Get to Know Your Analytics Home

Open Analytics: App Launcher( ) then Analytics Studio

  • Apps: set of analyses and answers about a specific area. Curated paths and tools for spontaneous deeper explorations
    • My Private Apps: Visible only to owner
    • Shared Apps: Accessible by everyone,but still has row level security
    • My DTC Apps: Sample Apps
  • Dashboards: curated set of charts
  • Datasets: source data
  • Lenses: Saves explorations
  1. Filter assets by type
  2. Search for Assets
  3. Toggle between tile view and list view

Understand Importing Data and Analytics Datasets

Dateflow and Dataset Builder can be used to import Salesforce data. Imported data is saved as datasets

Create Your First Analytics Apps